purpose : The Decora Edit

Welcome to an edit on the appreciation for the old and discovery of the new.

Welcome to the Decora Edit.

Moved by a sense of emptiness and discomfort towards the current state of consumerism, this project was born with the desire to rediscover the value of things.  Over the years, the new has become more and more meaningless to the point of lasting no longer than a season.

We are constantly on a hunt for the latest trendy pieces and yet, little we know about what really happens behind the scenes of what we purchase.

Where is this item made from? Are the people fairly paid and well treated? And its environmental impact? So many unanswered questions started a personal research, to bring more clarity on the glamorization of the overwhelming need of buying new. Through the Decora Edit, I am sharing my personal journey of rediscovering the value of things and explore a more conscious approach to consumerism.

Browse through quick guides on thrifting and upcycling, selected second-hand destinations worth a visit, and hands-on tips on how to revive pre-loved pieces. If you are looking for data-driven content, discover inspiring conversations on sustainability with a variety of professionals as well as data-driven insights to support sustainability claims, and guide us through a more conscious approach to shopping.


The Decora Edit is curated by Giulia Mummolo, a Fashion Design graduate from Istituto Marangoni currently working as a freelance web designer/developer.